Inspired by Acton Academy

Students hold a class discussion, brainstorm, or socratic seminar on what makes someone a hero. Students identify someone they regard as a real-life hero. Students (alone or in small groups) then develop presentations that support why they selected this person as a ‘hero.’

Set Up:

Students take on the following question “What makes someone a hero?” Ask them to reflect on this question over the next several days in preparation for a whole-group discussion. When students have determined the qualities and traits of a hero, have them brainstorm specific heros that match these characteristics and then collaboratively develop their presentations. At a later time,they present their work (a class period, a public exhibition).

Bigger Bites:

  • Students create something (e.g., a slideshow, essay, video, song, poem) that captures the essence of their ‘hero.’
  • Students collaborate to agree on a hero theme (e.g., fallen soldiers, social workers, ancestors) for a classwide project about certain types of heroes in their community. As a class, they produce something that honors heroes who had such a positive impact on their community.
  • Students craft “a gift” for their heroes that represents why they believe this person is a hero. If possible, students invite their hero to class to give their gift to them (skype/facetime are options, too).