A School Within A School

Try It

Find a short window in your school calendar (for instance, the days before Thanksgiving) and ask for volunteers among students and faculty for creating an alternative experience. Or explore with teachers and students the possibility of creating a school-within-your-school for the next school year.

Discuss It

In person or online, dive into these essential questions:

  • Is this model something your school should consider? What would prevent you from pursuing it?
  • Are teachers and students who step up to this challenge taking big risks? What’s the upside?
  • How would your school community react to such an initiative?
  • Is this a powerful model for innovation in your school?

Explore It

Check out the following resources to dig deeper:
Most Likely To Succeed (Book) by Tony Wagner & Ted Dintersmith
Most Likely To Succeed (Film)
Creating Schools That Thrive by Stephanie Rogen