An Innovative School Design

Try It

Go slow! When it comes to fundamental school design, best to spend up front time thinking it through.

Discuss It

In person or online, dive into these essential questions:

  • Who should be designing learning experiences?
  • What strikes you as noteworthy about this scene?
  • What intentional design choices were made by the HTH founders? What is gained, and what is lost?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a very traditional school and 8 being what we saw in this video, how would we rank our school?
  • In what direction should our school be moving? How urgently? What impedes change?
  • What micro-innovations could we try that would give us experience with a model reflecting these design principles?
  • Do our teachers have autonomy to design curriculum? Do students have a role?
  • What is gained by having the “teacher as designer”? What are the challenges?
  • Do all students need to learn the same things?
  • What micro-innovations could we try that would allow us to teach to our passions? To allow students to pursue their passions?

Explore It

Check out the following resources to dig deeper:
Most Likely To Succeed (Book) by Tony Wagner & Ted Dintersmith
Most Likely To Succeed (Film)