ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION: “Are we educating students for jobs that won’t be there?”

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“We blame a lack of soft skills for college grads failing to land jobs, tsking that young folk don’t understand the importance of eye contact and a firm handshake. Not so, says Ted Dintersmith, a former venture capitalist turned education advocate.

‘They have the firm handshake, but they never get a chance to shake any hands,’ he says. ‘College grads tell me they fill out all these job applications and never hear back. I ask them if they can get to someone in the company who is not in human resources. They tell me the website says they shouldn’t do that.’

That’s exactly what they should do, counters Dintersmith, recalling how impressed he was with a young entrepreneur seeking an audience with him who pleaded with his assistant to allow him to sit in the office and grab a moment with Dintersmith as he walked to his car.”

Read the full article here: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Are we education students for jobs that won’t be there?

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