Interview with Forbes: ‘This Former VC Toured Schools In All 50 States And This Is What He Learned’

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“Dintersmith found these innovative new ways of teaching and learning and discovered a vision of what school could be―and a model for transforming schools throughout the United States and beyond.

He also noted that teachers and parents don’t have to wait for an education revolution. Teachers can readily implement small changes that can make a big difference today.

In his new book, What School Could Be, Dintersmith offers a unique vision about the education system, and the potential accomplishments teachers and students can make together when parents and administrators trust them.

I had the chance to chat with Dintersmith to discover what he learned upon this journey across the country, and his thoughts on the future of education. In this interview, which has been edited and condensed, we talk about his motivation for the tour, his discoveries in the US public education system, and where he plans on directing his educational energy in the near future.”Robyn Shulman for Forbes Magazine

Click here to read the full interview: This Former VC Toured Schools In All 50 States And This Is What He Learned

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