‘What School Could Be’ Review at Inside Higher Ed

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“When it comes to education reform, we could perhaps consider Ted Dintersmith the anti-Gates.

Where Bill Gates puts his faith (and his money) behind top-down initiatives like the Common Core State Standards and is now on to algorithmic instruction via “personalized learning,”[1] Dintersmith, author of What School Could Be: Insights and Inspiration From Teachers Across America is focused at the community, school, and classroom level. Dintersmith recognizes education is a human process experienced by individuals working with and relating to each other. By doing this, he hopes to better prepare students for the coming “innovation era.”

I recently had a chance to not only read What School Could Be, but also attend a public screening of the Dintersmith-produced documentary, Most Likely to Succeed, (my second viewing), and the trifecta, sit down for a three-hour, free ranging conversation with the man himself.”John Warner at Inside Higher Ed

Read the full review here: Inside Higher Ed Review: ‘What School Could Be’

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