OPINION on The Hill: “Our innovation economy needs creative problem-solvers, not students who test well”

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“A tenth-grade classroom in an affluent suburban high school stands out in my mind from a trip I took three years ago to visit 200 schools in all 50 states, where I spoke with thousands of students, teachers, administrators, policymakers, business people and others who have a stake in our education system.

In this classroom, students sat silently at desks neatly aligned in rows, filling in worksheets. Some seemed focused on the task, knowing these worksheets were good preparation for the SAT exams that are key to getting into a quality college. They’ve been told this is the only clear path to a secure future. Others fidgeted at their desks, stared out the window, or watched the clock, wondering how the material could relate to anything they might encounter in the real world.”

Read Ted’s entire opinion piece on The Hill!

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