LISTEN: “Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT won’t prepare you for the real world” – Ted on NPR’s Marketplace

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“The education system drastically needs to be revamped, according to a new book called ‘What Schools Could Be.’

The author, venture capitalist Ted Dintersmith, visited all 50 states in a single school year, talking to teachers and observing the methods they used to engage students. One big issue that he says he learned more about: the ineffectiveness of testing, whether it’s state-mandated tests, Advanced Placement exams, the ACT or the SAT.

They’re about memorizing and replicating information rather than encouraging students to raise insightful questions, he argued.

Dintersmith joined David Brancaccio to discuss his experience interacting with teachers around the country, along with the flaws he sees in the education system.”

Listen to the interview below or click here for an edited transcript on Marketplace!

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